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Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. is now Sammaan Capital Ltd.
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. is now Sammaan Capital Ltd.

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Coins, calculator, pen, paper, and a house-shaped prop arranged on a table, indicating calculations for a home loan Coins, calculator, pen, paper, and a house-shaped prop arranged on a table, indicating calculations for a home loan

Home Loan EMI Calculator

One of the most integral parameters in deciding your home loan is the equated monthly instalment (EMI) that you will have to make against your housing loan. All kinds of home loans require you to pay EMIs. This is where a Housing Loan EMI calculator comes in handy. It is an automated system which helps you calculate home loan EMI. A clear knowledge of the amount which you will have to bear every month will assist you to make a more informed decision. Sammaan Capital Limited's EMI calculator will help you approximate your financial requirements. Based on your Home Loan tenure and interest rates, the Sammaan Capital's EMI calculator will help you to best understand the ratio of the principal amount to the interest due. The amount of interest in your EMI will be greater in the initial months and will eventually reduce with every EMI paid. Whilst your EMI amount remains the same, the ratio of principal to interest in your EMI will change over a period. With each successive payment, you will pay more towards the principal and less in interest. Please note that the Home Loan EMI calculator has been created to give you an approximate understanding and should not be considered as absolute.
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  • How to calculate home loan EMI?

    To see how much EMI you will be paying every month you must:

    • An icon of a bank note with a rupee sign.

      Enter the loan amount

    • Icon of a clock

      The loan tenure is 20 years. You can increase or decrease the tenure, depending on how much you can pay at the beginning.

    • Hand pointing at cell phone with percent sign

      The default interest rate is 8.7%. Depending on whether you have opted for a fixed or floating rate of interest, this will change depending on other factors.

    • Yellow bag with Indian rupee icon and calculator

      Based on this, your monthly EMI will be determined.

  • Types of home loans by Sammaan Capital
    • A house with a percentage sign

      New Home Loan

    • A hand holding a percentage icon

      Home Loan Balance Transfer

    • A line icon of an arrow pointing up.

      Loan Against Property

    • Suitcase with tag and percent sign icon.

      Home Loan for NRIs

    • A icon of a house with a Christmas tree and a percentage sign

      Rural Home Loans

    • Icon of Tag showing percentage

      Plot Loans

    • A silhouette of a house and a piece of paper with a percentage sign on it.

      Home Extension Loans

    • Clock icon with percent sign

      Home Improvement Loans

  • Why choose an Sammaan Capital?

    With Sammaan Capital, you can avail both home loan tax benefits and also save on rent. Some of the benefits of our home loans include:

    • A laptop computer with a pin on the screen.

      Approval on loan even if you are yet to select your property

    • A circle with a percent sign inside, on a white background.

      Quick processing and disbursal of loan

    • A green checkmark icon on a white background.

      Balance transfer with reduced interest rates & EMIs

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Home Loan Eligibility

Calculate your home loan eligibility based on your income details, home loan tenure and home loan interest rate

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  • What is Home Loan EMI?

    Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) is a fixed amount paid by a borrower to a lender on a select date every month for the tenure of the loan. Home Loan EMI becomes a very important factor in deciding your home loan. It is the repayment of the principal amount as well as the interest on your outstanding home loan amount as per the amortization schedule.

  • What does a Home Loan EMI Calculator do?

    Home loan EMI calculator helps you to calculate your home loan EMI based on the loan amount, the tenure for which you are taking a loan and the interest rate that is levied on the amount that is borrowed.

  • How do I calculate EMI on Home Loans?

    To calculate EMI on Home Loans, you need to know your principal amount, the tenure of the loan and the rate of interest. You can use our EMI calculator for home loan and get an approximate amount.
    This is how EMIs are calculated:
    EMI = [P*R (1+R)^n] / [(1+R)^n-1]
    Where P = Principal Amount
    n = Number of monthly instalments
    R = Rate of Interest

  • What is Home Loan Amortisation Schedule?

    The Home Loan Amortisation Schedule is a table which shows the timely payments made towards a loan. It includes all the important information related to home loan repayment like the outstanding balance, the loan amount and the payments that have been lined up.

  • What are the benefits of partial payments on EMI?

    Partial Payment is when you repay a part of your home loan earlier than scheduled. This helps lower your outstanding principal amount which consequently reduces either your EMI or the tenure of EMI.

  • What are the tax benefits of getting a home loan on EMI?

    Under Section 80C of The Income Tax Act, the deduction on principal repayment of your home loan can be claimed to a maximum of Rs.1.5 lakh.
    Under Section 24B, you are allowed for a tax deduction on the interest that is to be paid up to Rs.2 lakh.