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Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. is now Sammaan Capital Ltd.
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. is now Sammaan Capital Ltd.

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A couple with smiling faces facing forward, contemplating a new home and planning the placement of new accessories A couple with smiling faces facing forward, contemplating a new home and planning the placement of new accessories

Home Loan In Bangalore

Known as India’s Silicon Valley and the city of lakes, Bengaluru is one of the most popular cities in the country. A city full of some of the leading global software firms, Bengaluru’s growth in the past decade has been sharp and steady.

From indigenous online retail stores to some of the most quirky, eccentric and ingenious start-ups; Bangalore’s contribution to India’s GDP has been nothing short of extraordinary. It is no surprise that people who have moved there have thought of living there, and opt for a home loan rates in Bangalore.

One of the best reasons for living in Bangalore is the hugely attractive real estate prices. You can build your own villa or bungalow in the same rate that you can purchase a mere 2 BHK in most other cities in India. From flats to customised homes, taking out a home loan in Bangalore and becoming a home-owner has never been easier.

FAQs on Sammaan Capital

Single-click Home Loan Eligibility: By entering a few details, you can determine your home loan eligibility with a single click.

No hidden charges: Sammaan Capital believes in transparant dealings, and you will not be subject to hidden charges to ensure a great home loan experience.

Quick processing: With Sammaan Capital's quick housing loan approval, you will not face unnecessary delays that hinders you from getting your home loan

Easy documentation: You can say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork. Sammaan Capital is there with you every step of the way, which includes you filing all your paperwork

Flexible Repayments: You can relax about repayment with our flexible options

Who can apply for a home loan?
You need to be 21 and above when the loan begins, and not over 65 years when the loan ends. You should be someone earning a regular income, irrespective of whether you are salaried or self-employed.

When can you apply for a loan?
You can apply for an Sammaan Capital as soon as you narrow down on the property. You can even apply for a Home Loan even before the property is finalised.

Loan tenure options
Sammaan Capital Housing Finance offers Home loan up to 30 years, provided the term does not extend beyond 65 years of age or the retirement age, whichever is earlier.

RoI offered by Sammaan Capital: Sammaan Capital offers two types of interest rates i.e. fixed and floating. You can avail either based on your requirement.

Reasons to take out a home loan in Bangalore

• Quick economic growth.

• Ability to purchase luxurious homes, villas and bungalows at the same price in which you can purchase a 1BHK or 2BHK in India’s metros.

• You can sell your apartment within a decade to earn a high return on investment.

• Cosmopolitan crowd.

• Great place to live.

• Attractive salary to lifestyle ratio


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